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Depending on the type of facial, the usual includes a double cleanse, toner, exfoliation, peel, extractions and application of a mask.
What Skincare Products Do You Use For Your Facials?
We use Medik8, Inderma and Helices Skincare. To learn more about the product visit https://www.medik8.com.au/
How often should I get a facial?
We recommend getting a facial once every 2 weeks.
What does a facial do to the skin?
A facial will provide a thorough professional clean as the therapist will be using professional salon products with a higher percentage of active ingredients that can penetrate deep into the dermis. After your facial you will notice that your complexion is much brighter and your skin tone is more even.


What is a professional peel?
A chemical peel will visibly brighten, smoothe and decongest the skin. Although it is not a facial, It’s much stronger than a facial as it contains mandelic, glycolic and lactic acid which assists with a deeper exfoliation and also boosts collagen production. The acids also help to decongest follicles to prevent further breakouts.
Can any skin type have a peel?
Depending on your skin type, we have different peels that are suitable.
How often should I get a peel?
We recommend getting a peel once every month for at least 4 consecutive months for the best results.
Can I return to work after the treatment?
You most definitely can. In fact, professional peels have become a quick lunch time treatment!
I am pregnant, can I get a peel done?
No unfortunately we can not treat our mummas to be.

Eyelash Extensions

What are the eyelashes made out of?
We offer both of mink & silk fibres.
How often should I get my eyelashes done?
We recommend it once every 2 weeks.
We recommend getting a peel once every month for at least 4 consecutive months for the best results.
How long do the eyelashes last?
Depending on how well they are taken care of, your natural eyelash should start it’s cycle around the 2-3 week mark.
Can I swim with my eyelashes?
You can swim with your eyelashes, however, we don’t recommend it.


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